We will advise and guide you in all matters and proceedings relating to intellectual property rights. Thanks to our many years of experience in patent law offices and in industry, we possess the requisite know-how to find tailormade solutions for the creation, management and enforcement of your intellectual property rights. And we know how you can defend yourself against the intellectual property rights of your competitors. Our extensive technical background and its scientific foundation allow us to advise and guide you competently and dedicatedly in all areas of technology and innovation.


Do you have ideas that you want to protect against imitators? We will establish whether your ideas are truly an invention and whether a patent is the appropriate protective right for it…

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Have you created a concept, slogan or a graphic design to label your products or services? We will establish whether and to what extent your sign can be protected. We will work out an appropriate goods and services register for your trademark applications…

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Have you created an innovative two-dimensional form (e.g. a pattern or a GUI) or three-dimensional form (e.g. a container or kitchen appliance)? We will establish whether and to what extent your form, characterised by its lines, colours, surfaces or through the material used, can be protected as a design…

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Legal Advice

Want to out-license your know-how, technology or ideas to a third party? Want to in-license know-how, technology or ideas from a third party? We will design fair, cost-efficient and clear license contracts, advise you in relation to negotiating strategies and guide you through license negotiations…

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